I replied to an ad for appointment setters on Craig's List w/a generic queston like "where is your office located?". I do this to separate the scams from the legitimate companies (the minority). Even if they don't TELL you their name, if they are legitimate, their e-mail address will give you a clue...

Well, this time the reply came from an anonymous e-mail. From "Jennifer Perez" (jennifer.perez72206). So I was suspicious. I kept asking for details - where is your office, what do you do, what is your company name. etc. She kept avoiding it and asking me for my resume. FINALLY I got her to tell me the job pays minimum wage PLUS 1% commission. WHAT A JOKE! And she also finally told me the company is called VacuVent. STILL no local address, though. That's when I looked them up and found this website...

Just goes to show you - if a company doesn't even want to tell you their NAME, something is up. I mean, what LEGITIMATE company wants to keep their name SECRET?!?!?!

So I don't know for sure, but based on my experience I wouldn't doubt anything these other people are saying about this lame-O so-called "company".

"CAVEAT EMPTOR" - LET THE BUYER BEWARE; watch your ***; DON'T BE A SUCKER; don't trust anyone; ETC.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED..................................

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