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You respond to an add on Craigslist for a job. Join the team for a rewarding career.

Unfortunately it's a modern day boiler room. Big Screen TVs hooked up to computers, headsets and keyboards. There are More Sales People calling and selling *** then qualified people to do the work. And you need to have a Truck, Van or SUV so you can haul the New Equipment to the job site and haul away the old ***.

The job site might be 125 miles away, 2 HOURS of driving each way. 8 hours working equals 12 HOUR day. If your Truck breaks down and needs repair they wont pay for that. You will be Lucky to get the gas money back and they wont pay for tolls either.

They will take out the customers AC system on Saturday but wont install the new one until Monday or Tuesday. WHY?

So the customer can't call up and cancel the job because they were pressured into buying something they weren't sure about with Scare Tactics. VACUVENT....CLEAN AIR BY DESIGN....SAME S**T!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Sebastian, Florida, United States #588728

I like reading these posts, you never know what you'll find. For instance, Clean Air By Design has no affiliation with VacuVent but yet MORONS keep relating the two companies as being the same.

Funny Funny.

Another funny story is that these MORONS kept working for a company that didnt pay them. NO PAY NO WORK its simple.


I also worked for TN. Ducts which is a branch off of vacuvent, clean air by design, etc.

I was a Supervisor.... They paid 3 small checks in over 7 Weeks... We had a lot of call in complaints about how mike Dentino and joEllen were a joke and the peoples air ducts still had All kind of stuff in them and they were leaving peoples filters in their yard and not installing them.... They are nothing but *** artist and bill shine, mike and jo should all be shut down and taken to jail for fraud and theft.

I'm going to talk to a lawyer tomorrow and I'm putting the word out on Facebook craigslist and so on.

These people should be ashamed of their self for taking advantage of people and their workers. I have there kids to take care of andthey never said I would be working for free....

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