Vacuvent called to offer us a "special" on duct cleaning. The guy came late and kept talking in circles.

He would say, "Your house is the worst I've seen for mold". If my husband didn't warn me ahead of time that he would probably try to upsell by telling me my children will get sick from all the mold, i would've bought it on the spot. Then he tells me i need to buy a special vent because the ones i am using are doing nothing. I ask how.

Then i tell him i want to see all this dust that came out of my vents, you know, because they were the WORST he's seen! Honestly, i did expect to see a lot bc my husband put hardwood floors upstairs and cut the wood in the house. He hesitates but eventually pulls out his vaccuum. I sweep more dirt in my bathroom!

I asked how their could be so little dirt in those vents. I wondered if the machine did anything. His reply "well you have filters, right?". I was confused.

Then he gets nasty with me and barks, "what part don,t u understand?". My husband just sorta walked this guy outside because the look on my face mimiced the look i had when i was in labor and refused any drugs! Btw, i called to complain. The original number they called me from was some girls house who said shenhas nohing to do with vacuvent!

The number here they tell u to call is yep, you guessed it, out of service. He was until they supposed to vacuum my vents and spray antimicrobial(?). He didnt do he latter but showed me a bill for $1800 if he did.

Well lesson learned on my part. Unfortunately consumersdont find this sttuff

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