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I USED to work for these scumbags in Palm Bay,Fl.,until I realized that there service was a total scam.Every morning the "boss" would remind us to try and up-sell,up-sell,up-sell.His "famous" words were "Buyers are Liars",What the *** that meant...I don't know! All we did was hook-up a big square,vacuum machine to the most central vent in the house,close all the other vents,because we were told,"This will cause turbulence inside all the duct-work,and it will get sucked into the Big Box" Then we were supposed to try and sell them an anti-microbial spray (that we mixed-up ourselves from a fifty-five gallon drum,before heading out,1/2 h2o,1/2 mix)that was supposed to eliminate any and all germs,etc.,etc.,etc.

It was all a scam!!!

You can do the same thing yourself by using a can of Lysol.Turn your a/c unit to air,open up your air return,remove the filter,and spray the entire can into your duct-work! It will do the same thing that their "stuff",is supposed to do.(probably better)As far as cleaning out your dryer vent,just unscrew your outside vent and hook-up a "shop-vac",and that will suck all the lent out.DO NOT FALL FOR THIS COMPANIES B-LL-SH-T!!!

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Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #605815

Wow. I used them before and I did notice that all the guy did was hook up a huge tube to my livingroom vent.

I wondered how effective that was. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated>

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