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We hired VacuVent to clean our dryer vent and our heating/cooling vents. We ordered a washable air filter from them which was to be delivered in 6 weeks. It has been 5 months and we don't have it. I called the phone number on our receipt but the recording stated it was not a working number. At the time of the cleaning the tech stated that we needed mold cleaned from our system and all he did was spray some liquid out of a bottle from his van. I... Read more

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These guys aren't organized at all, and have no morals. They fall behind on paying employees and sometimes never end up paying them. These companies are all within the same business owners. They take customers' money and never deliver products. I am sure they will continue to build "new" companies to "cover up". I would say the persons behind these companies are professional scam artists and know exactly what they're doing. Their... Read more

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You respond to an add on Craigslist for a job. Join the team for a rewarding career. Unfortunately it's a modern day boiler room. Big Screen TVs hooked up to computers, headsets and keyboards. There are More Sales People calling and selling *** then qualified people to do the work. And you need to have a Truck, Van or SUV so you can haul the New Equipment to the job site and haul away the old ***. The job site might be 125 miles away, 2 HOURS of... Read more

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I worked AS a TSR for this company about 6 mnths. Till THIs day i still havent recieve my 2,000 or more in pay. i was tld i stayed loyal it would pay off in the long run. Please be aware they are crooks .THey gave me $100~$200 every so often. THEY are changin their name to clean~a~vent/ TEnnesee ducts. AND THEY ARE SO LIKE IN DEBT . PLEASE BE AWARE AND THE SUPERVISOR NAME IS MS. JOELLEN. THE DAY I went up to the jackson office the supervisor... Read more

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Beware vacuvent is closing and reopening under clean air by design. Same individuals are involved and running the show. The only diifference is that the license holder pulled his license and they are trying to sucker someone else into attaching their license to their new company. There is over 100 complaints with the Florida attorney generals office alone. They are such a ripoff and will tell people anything to get them to work there and... Read more

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I USED to work for these scumbags in Palm Bay,Fl.,until I realized that there service was a total scam.Every morning the "boss" would remind us to try and up-sell,up-sell,up-sell.His "famous" words were "Buyers are Liars",What the *** that meant...I don't know! All we did was hook-up a big square,vacuum machine to the most central vent in the house,close all the other vents,because we were told,"This will cause turbulence inside all the... Read more

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Vacuvent advertised $25 duct cleaning and add extra for each additional vent in my area. All they basically do is take a big vacuum cleaner and attach it to one vent. Leaves are still in my system. The extra cleaning of each vent is worthless! All they do is go to each vent with a shop vac and clean it out. Total ripoff. Like others I was told my house is infested with mold and they wanted me to invest $2,200 to clean up using hospital... Read more

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I replied to an ad for appointment setters on Craig's List w/a generic queston like "where is your office located?". I do this to separate the scams from the legitimate companies (the minority). Even if they don't TELL you their name, if they are legitimate, their e-mail address will give you a clue... Well, this time the reply came from an anonymous e-mail. From "Jennifer Perez" (jennifer.perez72206). So I was suspicious. I kept... Read more

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Tim the area manager kept repeating that he was not going to rip us off. When someone says that beware. I paid $149.00 for a custom fit filter. It 4 four months and several calls before I got it. A woman named Lynnette would promise me it would arrive on Friday. Fridays would come & go, no filter. I called every week until I rec'd it. They lie to your face. Just a rip off. What bothers me most, is VACUVENT was highly recommend by... Read more

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Our compressor for the air-conditioner is under warranty and needs to be replaced. For two weeks we have been told that a new would be installed. We cannot get the owners or service managers to return calls. The house in need is our rental and the tenant is refusing to pay rent. He is having house guests this weekend and is demanding the air be fixed. Because we have doing business with this company for five years in four homes, we hoped to... Read more

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